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Trefolex TapLife

The Precision Cutting & Tapping Compound

Established 1944












Tool Life




On ALL Metals
For ALL Machine Applications

Trefolex Taplife

Available in ¼ Pint Cans and 1, 2½, & 30 Pound Containers.
55 Gallon Drums available on request.
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Trefolex Taplife 4 Product Sizes

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  • Gives you more for your money.
    • Just ask one of our many satisfied customers. TREFOLEX TAPLIFE is the lubricating compound that significantly increases tool life and thread quality.
  • A Proven Performer
    • TREFOLEX TAP LIFE leaves no pigtails, only super clean and easy cuts on the hardest materials. And it’s backed by more than 60 years of experience and testing under the toughest conditions.
  • Completely User Friendly
    • TREFOLEX TAPLIFE is environmentally friendly, completely skin safe, has no offensive odor, and meets all OSHA requirements.
  • Sulfur-Free CH Grade
    • Suitable for all of your machining needs. Stain-free performance on Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Gold, Platinum, alloys and exotic metals. Specially formulated for today’s precise drilling requirements, any residue rinses easily with hot water.
  • Unique Compound Formula
    • TREFOLEX TAP LIFE is a lubricating compound, not a runny oil or evaporating spray. It works when you start your cut and melts as the heat builds up to continue working all the way through. TREFOLEX TAP-LIFE is the proven cutting compound when you’re working “on the cutting edge.”

The original TREFOLEX TAPLIFE was improved throughout the first 2 decades, spurred on by the demand of end-users for a product, still economical in use, but applicable to newer types of metals and using increasingly up-dated tools and machinery.

Our willingness to listen to our customers is proven by the fact that TREFOLEX TAP LIFE REGULAR GRADE is still in demand.


TREFOLEX TAPLIFE believes that quality is the driving force to a successful partnership with our customers. We’re committed to making our products and services the quality leader in their market segments, as perceived by our customers.

  • Through training and education, every TREFOLEX TAP-LIFE employee will strive for continuous improvement in all functions of our organization.

TREFOLEX TAPLIFE lives the team concept. In addition to designated teams, each TREFOLEX TAP LIFE employee is empowered to put together a problem-solving teams, and the results often are implemented into our manufacturing process.

  • We will operate through preventive programs and statistical process controls to maintain our high standards for the quality of our products and services.

Our quality services (QS) department functions as a quality facilitator instead of the traditional inspect and reject department. Our state-of-the-art gauging is a mirror of the gauging that is on the shop floor. The process is controlled in the shop floor, not in QS. Our suppliers receive immediate feedback on non-conformance issues and we work closely with them on continuous improvement.

  • We will assure that our suppliers and sales representatives understand and support our quality commitment.

TREFOLEX TAPLIFE understands that you need the whole team on board to successfully produce and support a product. All of our suppliers understand our quality policy. We view the process as a partnership from beginning to end.
These quality practices are implemented by all officers and employees of TREFOLEX TAP-LIFE.

Ben F. Stormes II, President

Trefolex Industries was established in the United States in 1944, during World War II. The unique properties of Trefolex Cutting and Tapping Compound proved to be very unique and economical in the applications required by the machinery of that era.

The use of Trefolex Taplife Lubricant resulted in elimination of tool breakage in metal threading and waste of materials in short supply. This economic feature was not only maintained but enhanced over the first 20 years. Although we believe in continuous improvement and are always looking for new and better ways, the formula has remained the same for the last 50 years. This has been proven and appreciated by the its many users.

After purchasing the company from the third generation of the man who started in a small storefront in New York, Trefolex Industries is now owned and operated by a former owner of The Wickman Corporation and MND (Multinational Developement). For over 40 years, The Wickman Corporation and MND were the Master Distributors for the United States Market, labeling the product as Wickman Tap Life and then MND Taplife.

Now that the manufacturing and sales are one company, the company and product are appropriately named Trefolex Tap-Life. The product is still manufactured using the same formula and process, with the added advantage of a quality program to assure its integrity. We are confident that our customers will be afforded a higher level of service and availability as the companies are now one.

We are very proud of, and thankful to, many big and small companies, old and recent, who have expressed their faith in TREFOLEX TAP-LIFE over the years as the leader in cutting and tapping compounds,. We invite you to join them.














Made in
the USA